...inspired by shamanic wisdom

and Egyptian mysteries


The "Journeys with Anubis" Sequel

A Woman´s Initiation into Ancient Egypt

During a sound meditation, Anubis, the dark jackal headed God of Egypt, makes himself known to Clara, a young woman from Germany....



At the Time of the Delphi Oracle

- I had been called differently, in ancient Greece.

- What? 

- I was not called Anubis.

- I was the same.

- I always remain the same.

The Halls of True Truths

They were standing there, in the sand dunes. Three golden, tall and slender figures, all masculine, she did not know why she knew, she just knew. They were about ten meters away and they seemed to hesitate to further move towards her. A wave of respect and reverence was flooding through her. Could it possibly be that she was the objective of that vibration?

She gasped....


published October 1, 2016


Coming out 2017

The oracle of Apollo in the pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi was always a woman. Delphi was the religious centre and symbol of unity of the ancient Greek world. It was the site of the omphalos - the navel of the world. Clara´s search for wholeness leads her to Delphi. Together with Anubis, she begins to understand her connection to the Delphi oracles.

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