Susanne Steinel is an author, a “writing spirit” coach and a mentor with a gentle “shamanic” twist. She is a Graduate from the Lynn Andrews Mystery School (Center for Sacred Arts and Training) and has completed an intense two year creative writing training called “Writing Spirit: The School” founded by bestseller author and shaman teacher Lynn Andrews.

Susanne is also a Certified Practitioner in Neural Somatic Integration® (NSI), a trauma healing therapy method. In 2015, she became Member of the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations, Seattle (USA).

Currently, Susanne works on a trilogy. She has published her first novel called „Journeys with Anubis – A Woman´s Initiation into Ancient Egypt“ in 2016.

“Journeys with Anubis I” weaves together ancient Egyptian spiritual teachings on the immortal soul and the blissful union of the masculine and the feminine principles with day-to-day experiences of a young woman in the 21st century. Right now, Susanne is deeply immersed into her second novel: “Journeys with Anubis – At the times of the Delphi Oracles”.

Susanne works and lives in Berlin as well as in rural Bavaria, Germany. She loves to write, she loves to help people find the jewels in their own stories and to accompany them through their writing spirit labyrinth and on their path to success. She also deeply enjoys mentoring people on writing and other “life and death” subjects, using shamanic and transformative tools and mirrors in a gentle and respectful manner to achieve insights, create more and more awareness and becoming whole.


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