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Susanne Steinel has just finished her first novel "Journeys with Anubis" - A Woman´s Initiation into Ancient Egypt".

"Journeys with Anubis" is a sequel.

In "Journeys with Anubis II", Clara travels to Delphi, Greece and discovers her connection to one of the oracles. "Journeys with Anubis III"  leads her into Egypt and the secret chamber in the Greeat Pyramid.

Before Susanne took her writing passion seriously, she had spent more than 15 years in corporate PR, marketing and communications. Since she was a teenager, she has been crossing back and fro the invisible borders of the so-called real world and the mystic realms.

She studied shamanism, sound healing, trauma release methods and various forms of tantra.

Susanne works as an author and shamanic coach. She lives in Berlin, Germany, as well as in rural Bavaria.

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