Why Do I Write In English ?

I have been asked this question again and again, by friends, by relatives, throughout the years. To put it right at the beginning of this text – I do still hope that at some point, the big switch will take place, and suddenly I will be writing „happily ever after“ also in my mother tongue which is German.

Mother tongue.... My mother is an amazing and prolific reader. Since decades she has been studying literature with a retired German professor for literature, who has guided her and that distinguished little reading group through the major modern literature of the world – challenging literature, in most cases. I remember her shaking her head a few years ago. I could never imagine writing a book, she said.

My father once admitted, that there had been several journals of him, from former times. Then, at one of those decisive moments in time, he threw them all away.  No need to say how sad I was when I heard this. I would have loved to read at least a few of his lines. Maybe he knew that. . . . Maybe that is why he did it.

So, why don´t I write in my mother (or father) tongue?

When I began studying with Lynn Andrews, my shaman teacher and bestseller-author of more than 20 amazing books, I started reading out little snippets in English on the group calls. I had come accross Lynn´s School „Writing Spirit“ by sheer accident or one of those amazing hints from the universe saying: Do enroll here and now!

The calls with my group took place in the middle of the night (at least for me – one of the two only Europeans on the line) and my adrenaline kicked in whenever I was asked to „deliver“. Yes, I was very nervous, but my voice did not seem to portray this.  Instead, my German accent combined with words strung together in a somewhat peculiar way seemed to create a noteworthy effect on the ones listening.

Sometimes, I believe (they were too polite to say), they had no clue what I was reading about. I remember they were laughing at passages, I thought were damn serious and actually deeply priestly. In addition, the internet connection was usually less than perfect and the sound of the ether interfered more than once. In spite of this, some significant vibrations of my voice much have reached the opposite shore of the Atlantic and travelled into US land. The feedback was encouraging. So I continued writing in English. Until the first poem of mine was published. Until the first book was finished. I love writing in English!

So, now, people ask me, when does your book appear in German? I don´t know. I follow the energy. The energy flows into using English as my writing spirit language. So I surrender. And I continue to hope that someday, there will be this switch and I might be waking up to my German writing soul.  Up to that moment I will continue to write happily ever after in English.